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Microsoft Windows 11 Release Date and Price in Worldwide

Get detailed information about Microsoft Windows 11 Release Date Worldwide and Microsoft Windows 11 Price in Worldwide in this post. Microsoft windows 11 maybe the new operating system on which the company is researching and developing, but many news sources claim that there will be no windows 11 operating system coming out. But there is no official confirmation from the Microsoft about the Windows 11 release or about windows 10 was last OS. You can find the best deals to buy Microsoft Windows 11 online in Worldwide in the price list section.

Microsoft Windows 11 Release Date and Price

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Microsoft Windows 11 Release Date Worldwide




Microsoft Windows 11 Price in Worldwide

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Windows 11 Details

According to the sources, windows 10 is the last major version of the computer operating system. Instead of individual versions Microsoft has decided to make sub-versions if there are any new update like Windows 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and so on. But how far they will make these smallest changes and release the sub version of the operating system, time may come where they have to make the major change to be in the competition of operating systems, or else the sales of Windows operating system may come down completely in Worldwide. Microsoft may also face competition from Google and Apple who may be developing a new OS for computers and laptops. During the Microsoft Ignite conference which was held in Chicago, Mr Nixon told that the company is yet to decide developing operating system beyond Windows 10.

You may have noticed that there was no Windows 9 released, there was Windows 10 directly after Windows 8.1, so the company may choose numbering higher version for the upcoming operating system like windows 12 or windows 13. Microsoft develops in new operating system for every 3 years, so you may expect news update on the next version of the operating system in the year 2018 or 2019. Another new source claimed that Microsoft would evaluate the response from the people to the small updates for the Windows 10 version, if they are ok with it then they may keep on releasing the smaller updates regularly without releasing the major version. So if that is true you may see Microsoft windows 10.1, 10.11, 10.12, etc. But as of now, nothing is officially confirmed, so we have to wait for another 2 to 3 years so that we get the new official update from the Microsoft.

Update: In April 2016, Microsoft has decided to make Microsoft Windows 11 after there were many complaints about the Windows 10 operating system in Worldwide which has already hurt the Microsoft image in terms of Technical aspect. Microsoft is developing a new operating system who’s code name is “Redstone”, but is this for Windows 10 OS Update Or Windows 11 we don’t know.

According to the Microsoft spokesperson –

“We thought Windows 10 was such a winner that it would survive for several decades. Unfortunately, our users disagreed. They have continually moaned about Windows 10 to the point that we have decided to can it in favor of Windows 11. Which is better than Windows 10 because it’s Windows 11. And two ones are better than one one and a zero. Obviously.”

This time, Microsoft has to develop a good version of Windows operating system so that people are happy and satisfied, because this may be their last chance to save the Windows operating system from going further down terms of sales, usage and popularity. As of now, there are thin details out on Microsoft Windows 11, but we will update this post once more news updates about the Windows 11 operating system.

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