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Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date and Price in Worldwide

Get detailed information about Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date Worldwide and Apple iPad Air 3 Price in Worldwide in this post. Apple is surely developing a new tablet, but is it iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 3 or iPad Pro 9.7 inch? According to the news sources the new iPad will have advanced features with mind blowing spec. Apple will officially announce the new iPad along with some of the new gadgets in the WWDC (The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference) 2016 event which will start on 13 June 2016. You can find the best deals to buy Apple iPad Air 3 online in Worldwide in the price list section.

Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date and Price

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Apple iPad Air 3 Release Date Worldwide


RELEASE DATE: 15 August 2016


Apple iPad Air 3 Price in Worldwide

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Apple iPad Air 3 Details

Apple will release the new iPad at the WWDC world conference and will also provide all the information like features, specifications, release date and price list. Show the fans in worldwide have to wait for 13th June 2016 to meet their new iPad, although the announcement will be in June, the availability of the new tablet will be in July or August 2016. Some of the news sources claim that apple builders the iPad Air series in favour of iPad Pro series, so fans are excited to know which iPad is going to come, will it be apple iPad Air 3 or will it be Apple iPad Pro 9.7 inches. There is a huge list of rumour features of the new iPad Air 3. Mention some of them are –

  1. It will have a 3D touch screen, similar to the iPhone 6s
  2. Apple iPad Air will be build using 7000 Series aluminium quality
  3. There will be Apple pencil integration
  4. Apple iPad Air 3 will be Waterproof and dustproof
  5. Improve battery backup and improved charging time
  6. Redesigned iSight camera for more crisp photography
  7. Capable of shooting slow motion videos
  8. Introduction of more integrated apps
  9. Compatibility with apple watch 2
  10. iOS 10 operating system with A10X processor
  11. 3GB of RAM for faster processing

Apple iPad Air 3 will have more features than the listed above, the final specs will be updated after it has been launched in WWDC event. Coming to the release date, apple iPad Air 3 will release 2 months after it has been announced in the event. Regarding the price in Worldwide, it will cost you a little bit more than Apple iPad Air 2 and you can pre order your new iPad once it has been announced.

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